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    Does diapers causes UTI ( Urinary Tract Infection)

    Being over my golden age my exposure to this latest use of diapers is minimal. As far as I can recall, it was during my first baby was born 1992 that this commercial diapers were introduced and I was born and exposed to cloth diapers.
    I love using the cloth diapers since it it economical and more practical for me. My questions is:
    Does the use of this commercial diapers or nappies makes the baby prone to urinary tract infections? Is this a myth or a fact?
    This has been said by a lot of people maybe not medically equipped ones but seems a lot of kids and babies now suffer from this infection. Some views on this please!

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    I don't know for a fact but I would imangine that this could be true and it could even happen with cloth diapers I suppose. I am someone who has had MANY UTI infections beginningwhen I was a young girl. I was told not to take baths, especially bubble baths, to wear only cotton underwear, not to use toilet paper or anything that might contain perfumes or dyes, and always wipe front to back. Since germs and bacteria are what cause UTIs it makes sense that it could happen from wearing commerical nappies and the chemicals that are contained in them. However, I think it could happen with cloth diapers as well. If stool some how enters the urethra (such as a child sitting in a soiled nappy) this can cause a UTI because of the germs contained in the stool. Not a pretty image I know but I think pretty accurate.

    Not getting enough fluids can be another reason someone gets a UTI or "holding" the urine in for too long can cause bacteria to grow.

    Hope that helps.
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    On my opinion, I think the use of nappies can sometimes cause Urinary Tract Infection since the urethra of the baby is exposed to urine or stool. Mostly, female babies are much affected than the male because the length of a girl's urethra is shorter than of a boy. It is important to change the nappies once you notice that it is starting to get soaked with urine. Also, don't allow too much exposure to stool. It is said that UTI is caused mainly by bacteria, thus we should maintain the cleanliness of our baby's genitals. It is still important to be aware since it is a baby that we are dealing with.

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    If a disposable nappy is causing a UTI more often than a cloth nappy, my guess would be that babies who are in cloth nappies are changed more often than babies in disposable nappies thus making the chance of bacteria entering the urethra much lower in babies who are in cloth nappies.

    Something that can be helpful in avoiding a UTI in an infant is to give them a probiotic, like powdered acidophilus. If it's a child who is on solid foods, you can mix the probiotic powder into unsweetened applesauce.

    For older children, there are chewable cranberry supplements and for those who can swallow pills, there is cranberry concentrate which can be very helpful in resolving a UTI quickly, without antibiotics.

    Of course just keeping the immune system high (avoiding sugar, simple carbohydrates, eating whole grains and lots of fresh vegetables and fruit) can reduce the chance of getting a UTI simply because if the bacteria enters the urethra, the body will be able to fight it off before it takes hold and multiplies, causing an infection.

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    In my own opinion, yes diapers cause UTI. 5Homebirths4Kate is right that disposable diapers cause more UTIs since they don't get changed often because they abosrb much liquids without us noticing. And once the wet diaper remains unchanged for a long period of time, it gives the bacteria the chnace to grow and multiply. They favor moist, wet places. And they can go into the urethra of the child. Baby girl are more prone to this.

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    I don't think so, I use it regularly. Thnks!

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    I have never had any problems related to UTIs with disposable nappies/diapers.

    There is a UTI factsheet here from The Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne. It has some interested information on UTIs. It states that they are particularly common in children who wear nappies but are not related to washing or changing routines.

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