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Thread: How do you encourage bonding between a father and his daughters?

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    How do you encourage bonding between a father and his daughters?

    Hello - I am the mum of three girls and I want to encourage my husband to spend more one on one time with each girl (ages 2, 6 and 9) I am looking for ideas for activities that my husband and the girls would enjoy doing together. Thanks so much for your input!

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    Hi duggjen,

    Thank you for this post - I think this is a great topic to start as sometimes dads can sadly be overlooked.

    This leaflet on dads bonding with their children has some ideas.

    I find that sometimes it best for my husband to play with my little boy on his own - otherwise I can't help getting involved! One of our friends takes their little girl to dad and child swimming lessons each week. There is also a 'dad and child' morning at a soft play centre near us which I think is great for giving dads quality time to bond with their children.

    Perhaps there's a hobby or skill your husband has that you don't mind not partaking in. For example, your husband could go on orienteering treasure hunts (with one of your older daughters), make a family scrap book or have a special 'daddy book' only your husband reads (perhaps to your youngest). Plus then you will get a little bit of time to do something you enjoy too. I also have very happy memories of creating menus and cooking fun meals together with my dad when I was growing up.

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    Great advice thank husband is the chef in the family so I thinking cooking together with the older too is a great suggestion!

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    I think cooking is a great idea! My husband likes getting pedicures, so he once he brought our daughter and they had daddy/daughter pedicures. The ladies at the spa thought it was hilarious. Of course, my six year old is very small and my husband is muscular and 6'8" so I am sure they looked quite amusing getting their toes done together.

    He also includes them in household projects, takes them with him to the hardware store at times, etc. My husband gets to spend a lot of time with our children since we both work at home. It is nice, we are very lucky.

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