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    Question Premature women and pregnancy

    I am 25 years old. My bf/fiance wants us to try to have a baby starting 2016 so will have our kid before 30. The thing is i am terrified that i will die during pregnancy or during child birth or shortly after. I was fine with idea of pregnancy three years ago, i could not wait to get pregnant! but that im getting closer to the time I am really point where i thought maybe i should break up with my bf and let him find someone else because i know if i decide i can't go through with pregnancy it is a deal breaker for my boyfriend, but now and then i think to myself im not giving up im facing my fears and i tell my boyfriend not to let me back out because i will regret it.

    My worries are: because i was born premature(25 weeks gestation) i worry i have brain AVM that will burst during pregnancy(doctors won't do MRI for me just to be sure because i have no symptoms,shouldn't being a preemie be enough?!) OR i have blood disorder(had transfusions as infant) that will cause my blood to clot..then clot with travel to my brain and i will die, I also have heart palpitations..had them for years..had ECG, ECHO,holter all normal.but worry my heart not healthy for pregnancy. Last but not least i am afraid I will have Amniotic fluid embolism and i will die not being able to raise my baby.

    my mistake was googling stroke and complications in pregnancy. I came across two stories that i can't let go One was about girl Kristin Marlowe..healthy girl..she died at 7 months due to stroke after being rushed to hospital with placental tear..when home ..ended up with bad headache...given narcotics but then died hour later after taking narcotic for headache. Then another women Robyn Benson died at 5 months pregnant due to blood clot traveling to her brain...she was slightly over weight but healthy.

    Advice please?...i am seeing therapist but hoping to get midwife advice if possible..

    So sad, I am terrified i might end up like these people


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    I don't live in Australia but in Toronto Ontario, Canada. Just came across the site and thought be good place to get advice

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