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    Something wrong????

    I am 21 +3 even before I knew I was pregnant I felt like something was wrong. The is my 2nd child, with my son I didn't get any of these feelings. I just know something is wrong all scans have come back fine. But I know something is wrong like I saw an outfit and started crying because it seemed like an outfit to wear being buried. I hate these feelings my husband doesn't like me talking about it cause he thinks I'm "tempting fait" I just can't get rid of this feeling like something bad is going to happen.

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    Dear Court,

    Welcome to the Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond forum. Congratulations on your pregnancy.

    I'm so pleased to hear all the scans have been fine. It is normal for some women to feel like this in pregnancy. This doesn't mean there is a problem with your baby. Sometimes it is caused by a knowledge of the amount of miscarriages there are or focusing on stories where a baby has been stillborn etc. It is more likely to occur if someone you know has lost a baby or you have previously lost a baby, although it can occur for a first pregnancy. Have you experienced any miscarriages or losses?

    Pregnancy can be a worrying time for some women and they can be filled with uncertainty. It is difficult to be growing a precious baby yet at the same time go for lots of scans and tests to check on the development of your baby. It can leave women with an array of confusing emotions.

    Do you think you are experiencing any form of depression? Do you just feel like something is wrong or do you also feel like you have a low mood you are unable to break out of? How are your energy levels? Are you eating and sleeping? Some women experience depression in pregnancy (sometimes for the first time) - if you think this may be the case you should talk to your doctor or midwife. There is nothing to feel guilty about and they can help to support you.

    How old is your first child? I know it is difficult and tiring caring for other children when you are pregnant.

    Thinking of you,

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    How are you Court? How are you feeling?


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