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    Dry patches on my son's cheek

    My 10 month old son has suddenly developed what looks like a rash or dry patches on his cheeks. No cream has gotten rid of it and I have no idea what it is. His doctor hasn't been much help in identifying or clearing it up and I need some suggestions for what it could be and how to make it clear up. It doesn't seem to bother him at all.

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    Hello Momof2,

    I'm sorry to hear about the rash and dry patches on your baby's cheeks. Creams sometimes help, but they don't address what's causing it.

    In infants, dry skin, like Eczema, is often triggered by allergens. This can be an allergic reaction to a substance like the laundry detergent you wash his sheets and clothing in, or a reaction to a food that aggravates his immune system. I noticed in another one of your posts that your son loves to eat solids and grabs for foods other people are eating.

    The foods that cause inflammation in the digestive tract are:

    Gluten (Found in wheat and some other grains)
    Sugar and all sweeteners like maple syrup, honey, agave nectar, rice syrup and molasses.
    Many grains

    A 10 month old baby should not have anything with sugar in it, as he will be getting all the carbohydrates he needs from breast milk or formula. After 12 months of age, he will get his carbohydrates from fresh fruit and grains like rice and gluten free oats.

    If he's eating anything with gluten (i.e. bread, crackers, pasta) this is the first thing I would remove from his diet, as more and more people are showing signs of being gluten intolerant. Grains without gluten would include rice, oats/oatmeal that specifically says "gluten free", and corn, though most corn grown in the USA is not genetically modified, so organic corn would be the best for a baby. Limit the corn, though, as it can become really easy to feed a baby lots of corn products to overcompensate for not feeding wheat products.

    There are a couple of things that came to mind whenever my young children started to get dry patches of skin. One was that they may need Vitamin C, and the other was that they may need Essential Fatty Acids. If I gave them enough Vitamin C and Essential Fatty Acids, their dry patches seamed to clear up. With my babies, I added powdered vitamin C to applesauce and gave that to them. As they got older, I introduced Emergen-C which is a powdered vitamin C plus vitamins mixed with water, and they drank that.

    Essential Fatty Acids are found in Salmon, and it sounds like this may be the perfect time to introduce Salmon to your son so he develops a love for it. It's something we should all eat for the rest of our lives. You'll want to make sure the Salmon you give him is wild caught salmon. This can be canned (like canned Tuna) or you can buy it frozen almost all year long, from your local grocery store. Once thawed, it is very fast to cook up. Just broil it or put it in a little water in a pan, cover and simmer for a few minutes.

    Another way to get essential fatty acids into his diet, if you are breastfeeding, is to take it in supplemental form yourself (and it's good at balancing hormones and lifting your mood, too). He will get it through your breastmilk. You can also put some ground flax seed in his cereal.

    Here's a video which shows how to make a Tropical Green Smoothie that babies love. He will also get lots of good enzymes from the greens in this smoothie. Hope this gives you some ideas of things to try!

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    Great thank you! I will try switching up his diet and having the doctor test him for allergies.

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    My son and daughter both had eczema starting around their mouths and spreading to their chins and necks. The doctor suspected it had started from heat rash? IT didn't go away for years, but i found changing what we ate, dressed them in and bath them in really helped. Currently doing some shopping for bub #3! :-) I always make sure to buy clothing made of natural fibres like ( ). I would start by changing those 3 things first and see if they help a little x

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