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    Complicated situation - any advice?

    I am a bit worried about my ultrasound dates as I had my 12 weeks yesterday and they dated me 13 weeks.
    The thing is I got back with my boyfriend around 12 weeks ago and this was when I was meant to be ovulating. We had unprotected sex every day for almost 2 weeks at a high fertility time he was visiting from America (basically we broke up as it appeared he was going to take a job in the us but then after he visited he decide to move back to the UK which I am very happy about).

    So he and I are happy to find out that I am pregnant but now they are saying it is 1 cm bigger than it should be at 12 weeks.

    The problem was I slept with a friend that has liked me for some time about 2 weeks before I slept with my boyfriend (very stupid) but he and I used a condom, it only happened once and then I had my period 5 days after sleeping with him for 3 days (which is normal time for me to have my period). It was also low fertility days when I slept with my friend.

    So I cant imagine there is a chance it is my friends (as low fertility, used protection, had my period after) and sure worrying about nothing, but the extra week that they dated me at had me confused and worried.

    Also based on the last period date for when they calculate the pregnancy (gestational) it adds on 2 weeks so I think it is alright as if you take off 2 weeks it takes it right to the time I was with my boyfriend.

    Additionally on the day I think I ovulated after being with my boyfriend, about 3 days after I was dizzy and went home from work I think I conceived this day. Then about 6 days later I felt light picking, poking feeling in abdomen, and then a dull pain for maybe 3 days on and off which I assumed was implantation.

    Anyway any advice would be great as confused and a bit worried!


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    I was measuring a week further along at my 20 week scan. If you wore a condom and had your period after I Wouldn't stress about it

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    Hi hannahv,

    Congratulations on your pregnancy and I'm sorry that this situation is worrying you.

    Does your period always only last 3 days? If you have your period after having sex then you could not be pregnant. The only possibility to change this would be implantation bleeding (rather than experincing your period).

    Am I right in thinking that if you had become pregnant with the other partner you would be around 16 weeks pregnant not 13? Ultrasound scans are generally accurate within a week.

    Best wishes,

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