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    Advice on the safest Contraceptive

    Hi, I need some advice regarding the best and safest contraceptive for me. After giving birth, we never used any contraceptives and fortunately, I still didn't get pregnant. But I don't want to take some risks because my baby is only 9 months old and I had her through a Cesarean section because of high blood pressure, we wanted to wait until she's a little older before getting pregnant again. Thanks!

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    Well there are a number of different contraceptive options out there but which one you use will depend on factors such as: whether you want to take medication, your medical history, your past experience and use of contraception, personal beliefs.

    For example, some of our forum members use natural family planning. This is sometimes used by couples who want to take the natural approach.

    Condoms are a very reliable contraceptive method and do not have any medical side effects which may be associated with the pill and contraceptive injections.

    You can read in detail about Contraception Choices in this article.

    No contraception is 100% reliable but you could increase the reliability by using two methods (such as condoms and the pill for example).

    I hope this helps.

    Warm wishes,

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    A condom in combination with a birth control pill would be the safest

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    Thank you so much! I have started with birth control pills

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