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Thread: Miscarriage due to eclampsia and inquiry on APAS

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    Miscarriage due to eclampsia and inquiry on APAS

    Hi..I'm Corrie from QC, Phils.
    I had a miscarriage last 1999. I was in my late 30's then. During my pregnancy, I started to have high blood pressured, and this has affected my unborn baby. And, because of severe eclampsia, I lost my baby on my fifth month of pregnancy. Are you familiar with this disease related to pregnancy known as A.P.A.S? My miscarriage was related to this condition. My unborn baby and I had incompatible blood type.
    I had no opportunity to know about "A.P.A.S." . And, I would appreciate it if you could shed light into this matter.
    Hope to hear from you soon..God bless you...

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    Hi Corrie,

    I am sorry that no one has responded to this yet. I do not know a great deal about APAS nor am I a medical professional, but I do know that there are treatments available for APAS, especially the use of anti-coagulants and other drugs. With the right team of medical professionals on their side, women with this condition have been able to carry a pregnancy to term. However, miscarriage is still a high risk for these mums. You should really make an appointment with a medical professional who has experience in APAS. It's there that you will be able to get the most answers.


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