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Thread: Pregnancy in late 40's

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    Smile Pregnancy in late 40's

    I have a friend who is 49 years old, and she's interested in having another baby. Her eldest daughter is already 12 years old.

    She's quite healthy. Although her cholesterol level is quite high, but she takes medication as prescribed. Is it possible for her to have healthy pregnancy?

    Thank you very much.

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    Dear Corrie,

    Whilst some women have had healthy pregnancies in their late forties; the biggest difficulty is likely to be getting pregnant at age 49. Here is an interested thread your friend might want to look at where Jane (who is an experienced midwife) explains about the problems associated with conceiving a baby in the late forties.

    There is less then a 5% chance of conceiving at age 49 (over a course of trying for one year). The chance of a chromosomal problems with an ovum also increases significantly compared to conceiving in your teens, 20s or 30s.

    Do have a look through that thread as there is also some information about IVF further down. Your friend may also want to read this preconception care article has some useful recommendations for those wanting to conceive.

    Best wishes,


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