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    How long did you wait before trying for your second child?

    Hi there! I have a 2 month old boy, and I know we want a second child. I would like to wait until he is pretty 'independent' before I have my second because breastfeeding (for me, anyway) was very time, energy, and attention consuming.

    How long did you wait between children? TIA!

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    I started trying to conceive my second, when my first was one. I have four children now and the oldest is six, the biggest gap between any of them is 26 months. Honestly, if I had to do it all over again I would probably go for a bigger gap but two years is pretty manageable.

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    I became pregnant when my first was a little over a year old, so they are now a little over two years apart. My oldest are two years apart, as are my middle two. My youngest two are only a year apart. I think you should try for baby number two when the time feels right for both you and your partner. If you are breastfeeding, you may want to wait until your baby is older, because pregnancy can affect your milk supply and may lead to your baby weaning early. You can definitely breastfeed whilst pregnant, but it may be more difficult if your baby still needs to feed frequently. This is a good article about having a second baby.

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    Hi Tia,

    Just wanted to say that breast feeding does tend to get easier as time goes on. I found breast feeding a newborn baby hard work but after the first couple of months it became enjoyable. I reckon if you are already talking about number 2 you must be doing well with your baby! I second what Jessica said: whenever you and your partner feel is the right time for your family. Every family is different and functions in their own unique way.

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