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Thread: Pregnancy tests

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    Pregnancy tests

    Hi all!
    How do you decide when to take a pregnancy test? I am not sure about pregnancy tests and I would like to know your tips and recommendations.
    Thanks in advance.
    Patricia R.

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    Dear Patricia,

    It is best to take a pregnancy test any day from the day your next period would be due. It is recommended to do the test first thing in the morning as the levels of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin: this is what the test detects) will be most concentrated in your urine straight after you have been sleeping. Different home pregnancy tests have different sensitivities. But if you get a positive result (i.e. a result showing that you are pregnant) then this is highly accurate.

    Does this help answer your questions?

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    Yes. Thanks for your quick response.
    I will keep in touch
    Patricia R.

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    Home pregnancy tests range in sensitivity from highly sensitive (10 mIU/mL) to much less sensitive (100 mIU/mL). The lower the number, the earlier the test will pick up the "pregnancy hormone" hCG.

    Here's a good page that discusses the best time to take an early pregnancy test.

    Warm regards,


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    Hi Patricia - while many commercial pregnancy tests say that they can be used from the day your period is used. They are a lot more accurate if you wait a few days after your period is due. This ensures the pregnancy hormone reaches higher levels and are more easily detectable.
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