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Thread: High Risk Pregnancy

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    High Risk Pregnancy

    I have my first pregnancy at the age of 34 and this term "high risk pregnancy" has been a term my name was attached to. So many laboratory examinations, consultations and monitoring were required from me. But until now at this age of mine, I am never satisfied of the explanation of why am I a high risk case.
    What is a "high risk pregnancy"?
    I really would want some medical explanation as to why a woman is categorize as a high risk pregnant case. Hope this can pacify other women too.

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    I remember reading all about conception and pregnancy when I was pregnant with my boys, I was 33 and shocked to read that 35 was considered "advanced maternal age" that made me feel a little old. However, our bodies change and as we get older (even though 35 is by no means "old") certain things happen. For one thing our fertility decreases and if we can get pregnant there are increased risks such as:

    *Birth Defects
    *High Blood Pressure and Diabetes
    *Older women (I know I hate that term too believe me) are more likely to have stillbirths
    *Babies are more likely to be low birth weight

    Of course, it is important to keep in mind that MANY women 35 and older have great pregnanies and healthy babies but you aked why you might be considered high risk and that is why.

    I found a great article here on PBB Older Mothers:The Good, The Bad and The Ugly It goes into more detail about the issues I listed, explains the advantages to having a baby later in life, and has tips on how to reduce your risks.

    I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy!!! Congratulations!

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    One benefit of seeing a private midwife was that I was never "labeled" anything. Nobody ever told me I had to do anything differently because of my advanced maternal age. I had a baby when I was 35, another when I was 38, and my last just one month before my 41st birthday.

    I had no extra testing, no extra ultrasounds, etc. Had they been needed, my midwife would have ordered them for me.

    Just because you're considered "advanced maternal age" doesn't mean that anything will actually be different during your pregnancy or birth as long as you eat a good, healthy diet and have regular checks with your midwife.

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    35 is considered advanced maternal age, but this is a very conservative age in my opinion. There are increased risks statistically speaking, after the age of 35, and increasing every year from that point forward. I think the ladies have pretty much covered everything there is to do with this label.

    Remember that you have option to refuse any test that you are uncomfortable with.

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    Its simply because at 35 its considered at the upper end of the spectrum. Talk this through with your GP ? Obstetrician or Midwife - ask questions and have your mmind put at rest so you can enjoy your pregnancy.

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