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Thread: Is it safe for a baby less than 1 year old to be carried around using a Carrier?

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    Is it safe for a baby less than 1 year old to be carried around using a Carrier?


    I used carrier since my son is on his 6th month. I find it more stable than carrying him around without it. I see him very happy swaying his feet and wagging his arms excitedly as we walk around. What I am afraid of is it might be hurting somewhere especially that his head seems a little forward compared to the position of his shoulders. Sometimes I feel, too, that his chest area is being hurt by the belt that secures him in place. How safe are carriers?

    Thank you.

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    Hi Mom2Rajan,

    Baby wearing is certainly safe from birth providing you are using a carrier appropriate for the weight/ development level of your child and are wearing it correctly. For example, a Kari-Me or a Moby Wrap is suitable from birth (although some of the carrying positions, such as outward facing, can only be used with an older baby). What type of carrier are you using?

    It sounds like your son is enjoying the baby carrier! There are so many advantages of baby wearing including the close contact it gives between mum and baby and the communication at face-to-face level you can have with your baby.

    Please post back and let us know what type of carrier you are using so other mums can share their experiences.

    Best wishes,


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    I carry my babies from birth, as women all over the world have done since the beginning of time. As long as you are using a proper carrier and following the directions for its usage your son should be fine. I agree with LJ, could you give us some more information about what type of carrier you are using? Do you have a picture of yourself with your baby on? If so, I think that myself and other babywearing moms could probably give you more specific advice.

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    Hi Mums! I'm also into baby wearing since my daughter was born 8 months ago. It has done great wonders for the both of us, most especially when combined with breastfeeding.

    However, just recently I bumped into an article on Paediatric Hip Dysplasia or dislocated hip bone and some articles associated it with improper baby wearing. What's your take on this? Is there really a proper baby wearing position to minimize developing this condition among our bubs?

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    Hi Kaydetbride,

    Years ago I heard about concerns that babies could develop hip problems if they were in a swing or car seat too long. (That's before baby wearing was popular.) My thought is that baby wrapping might offer more support for baby, overall (thus having less overall pressure on baby's hips) but that's just a guess.

    Ultimately if your wearing baby for short periods of time here and there, and sitting to breastfeed baby, and baby is sleeping on his back or side in a cot or in your bed, then there would be plenty of hours when pressure is relieved from baby's hips.

    I would be concerned if baby was in an upright position with most of his/her body pressure on the hip area for all of their waking and some of their sleeping hours.

    With your baby, at 8 months of age, I'm guessing she is crawling a lot and interested in toys, so you're likely not wearing her all of her waking hours.

    Anyone else have any thoughts?

    Warm regards,


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    From what I understand, the carriers themselves to do not cause hip displaysia, but some can aggravate a preexisting condition. Also, it depends on the carriers and the way the baby's weight is distributed, even if they are facing out of in. Some carriers that are supposed to be safe because of the way they distribute weight and their design are the ERGO and as Kate hypothesized, wrap carriers. Here is some more information on this topic that may be of help BabyWearing Institute.

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    Baby carriers and hip dysplasia

    The Hip Dysplasia Institute has a great article cover this. I have been meaning to write and article on this and just having had time. I have been given permission to use these images by them.

    You can read a lot about Hip Dyslpasia on the International Hip Dysplasia's website - it is a really informative site.
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    Thank you for sharing this information about Hip Dyslpasia.

    I have come across this before and my understanding is that baby wearing following the recommended methods does not cause any risk of hip problems. In fact, it's better (and safer) than simply carrying the baby in your arms. When baby wearing, your baby:

    -should be close enough to kiss
    -should not have their chin down on their chest
    -should not have anything obstructed their face
    -should have a straight, supported back

    When following these guidelines I believe it is safe to carry your baby for a number of hours every day.

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    The diagram above is incredibly helpful. I also believe that wearing a baby is not a concern for several hours a day, if safety measures are followed and the baby is being worn correctly. When I use a baby carrier, I ensure that my baby's knees are held in an upright position (slightly above his bottom), and I also make sure that his legs never dangle or fall too low. I also make sure that my baby's head and neck are supported. Even when my children were older, they would fall asleep in the carrier. This became an issue if I was wearing my baby on my back, so I would try to make sure that the upper portion of the carrier supported the baby's neck. I have also used a hood on the carriers with my toddlers, but you do need to make sure that the baby is able to breathe and nothing is covering his or her face.

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