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    Help with Solids...


    My baby poops a lot, I think it's after every meal (solids). So it's like 5 times a day. Is it normal? When should I start worrying?


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    Yes this can be normal for many babies. Some baby's poo after every feed/meal and others go every few days.

    As long as he seems happy and is pooing consistently then this should be fine. A change in stools which is more watery could be due to an infection.

    The only thing you might want to keep an eye out for if your baby is pooing this frequently is nappy rash. If he suffers from this you can use a cream with zinc oxide in it to protect his bottom.

    I hope this helps with your questions.

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    I agree with ljmarsden. Some babies have a bowel movement frequently, even at 6 months, especially if they are having a lot of breast milk.

    Watch the consistency and if it changes this could be cause for concern. However it will change as you start to introduce more solids. Tell us a little more. Is he only on breast milk? Have his bowel movements changed (become more frequent or changed in consistency) in the past 2 months? If things have change, what concerns you and what do you think could have caused the change?

    Post back and I'll see if I can help.

    Warm regards,


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