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    Choosing a preschool or school

    At the Pregnancy and Parenting Network we talk a lot about issues surrounding choosing a school or preschool for your child. In response I've put up an article on Choosing a School on I hope you find this article helpful. If you have any comments or suggestions we'd love to read them on this forum.
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    Thank you for this article. I am not too good at choosing a school since this is my first one, but since we live on base we kind of decided to try it first and see what happens. They have them go for a few hours and that is about it and best of all we can choose which ones morning or afternoon which I find great. I never knew that choosing a school was so difficult at times. Where I am from we went to school according to where we lived.

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    Tips for choosing a preschool

    As a former Office Manager for a Preschool, I gave a lot of tours to families looking for a school for their child.

    Here are some tips I suggest for all parents:

    1. Take a tour of the facility

    2. Meet the Director of the facility if possible because your child's teachers will change each year, but the Director will most likely stay the same for a few years. You want to have a good relationship with the Director in case you need certain problems within the classroom to be addressed.

    3. Spend time in the classroom - visit for a few hours to get a feel for how the class is run. Be sure your child is with you and encourage your child to participate in "circle time" and other activities. The teachers should welcome this.

    4. Visit at least 2 other schools in the area to be sure your choosing the school that best meets your needs. Each school will have it's own pros and cons, and you don't want to end up at a school that's not right for your child. Take your time and ask lots of questions. You want the best chance of giving your child a good experience and lasting continuity in the school you choose.

    5. Once you've decided on the school you think will be best, schedule a time for you and your child to visit again. See if your child feels more "at home" during this second visit. You may see different teachers during this visit. Substitutes are used often in preschool settings and teachers can be moved from one class to another so getting a good feel for a lot of the teachers at the school can be helpful.

    There are more good questions to ask on the "Choosing A School" page but these tips should give you a good start.

    Are you looking for a school? Will you be looking for a school in the future? What things are important to you?

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