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Thread: Early Arrival?

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    Early Arrival?


    I am 36weeks today with my first and a little worried.

    I have occassional period-like pains and lots of Braxton Hicks after any sort of movement (walking, travelling on busses or trains): is this usual or a sign of the impending arrival of my baby?

    Please advise me, especially as my partner is planning to be away this weekend and we are both terrified that he would miss the birth!!

    Many thanks for any help you can give me :-)


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    Hello Beth,

    It sounds like your body is definitely getting ready for the arrival of your little one, but the occasional cramping and Braxton Hicks are fairly common at 36 weeks. If you are terrified (as you mentioned) then give a call to your midwife or doctor and ask them what you should do.

    I had painful braxton hicks for weeks with my last two babies and they were both late.

    We have two midwives on this forum so I'm hoping that one of them will pop in and address your question from a professional viewpoint.

    I wish you all the best for your birth, and feel free to post any questions you may have here. This forum is full of experienced mums and professionals that are happy to give you support.

    Warm regards,


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    Hi Beth - sorry I have been away from the computer attending quite a few births. Having painful Braxton Hicks contractions is really common. If you rest and they go away it is pretty safe to say that the birth isn't about to occur. However if they are coming regularly and don't stop when you rest - give your midwife or doctor a call for some advice. I can relate my experience here that my Braxton Hicks intensified when ever I was active. The best thing I found was having a bath of an evening with some magnesium flakes added - this really settled them down and helped me sleep. The next day they would be less intense. Did your partner end up going away?
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    I had some pretty intense BH starting around the 35th week with all of my very full-term and even late babies. I think it is pretty normal. It is your body gearing up for the big show! Of course, since you have not been in here to respond I am wondering if you had your little one? Any big announcements?

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