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    Question 1 in 200 risk from Nuchal Translucency

    I have been given resluts from my bloods and Nuchal Translucecy as 1 in 200 and my doctor has said I am at high risk of a Down's baby. I am concerned and have chosen to have the Amnio. I feel a bit out of my depth with knowledge even though my doctor has explained things. It's a lot to take in and I am very worried. I am 33 and this is my second baby. Currently 13w3d. I guess I am scared of what the results will be as well.
    Just after some support on what to expect and if I am doing the right thing?
    The waiting is killing me.

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    I feel for you. Being told that your are at higher risk than average for carrying a baby with Downs Syndrome is very stressful. I like to turn the statistic around to say that you have a 199 out of 200 chance of having a baby that doesn't have Downs Syndrome. I do know that 95% of women who are told their baby is at risk of Downs from a Nuchal Translucency are having a perfectly normal baby.

    Women tell me the waiting for the amniocentesis is the hardest - it is a period of unknown. Do you have someone you can talk to about your fears? Please don't hesitate to seek support from the forum. There are some wonderful women here.

    Only you can know if you are making the right decision for you. Some things to consider:
    • The risk of miscarriage from Amniocentesis is 1:100
    • If the test shows your baby has Downs Syndrome - what will you do with the information

    I see many women over the age of 35 who are by their age at increased risk of having a baby with Downs Syndrome. Some will choose to have an amniocentesis and others will not.
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