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    Baby Names ~ Naming Your Baby

    One of my very favorite things about being pregnant was picking out names for our boys. After we found out the sex of the babies my husband and I got to work writing up lists and deciding on the perfect names for. We had their full names picked out before even laying eyes on them. I called them by name when I was pregnant with them. We decided we wanted to go with biblical names for their first name and then use family names for their middle name. One boy has my husband's name as his middle name and the other has my grandfather's name for his middle name. The funny thing is that each boy takes after the side of the family he is name for.

    My maternal Grandparents named all their kids with "M" names. I have a friend who's children all have names that rhyme. My cousin and her husband didn't have a specific name picked and waited a few days to make their final decision in naming their son.

    So how did you decide what to name your baby? If you did know the sex of your baby or babies did you have a definite boy and girl name picked out? Did anyone have a list of names to choose from and then decided on the name once they saw the baby?

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    Hi DoubleSunshine, as for me I picked out my son's name in my pregnancy diary. I got that diary from my OB and at the back were suggested baby names. My son has two names, I picked out the best from the list. I know that somehow a name can influence the baby's personality and destiny. So his first name means God's light and the second one means winner. I'm just so happy with my choices, I feel blessed esp with his first name "Uriel" because it comes from a saint and it's not an overused name.

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    Hi Momikate,

    Uriel is a very beautiful name for your son. It sounds like you took your time to thoughtfully choose his name and he meanings are really special

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    Deciding what to name our children was quite difficult for us, we are very indecisive. I wanted to stay with Irish names, because of my family background and I really love Irish names. With our first, we knew it was a boy and we both choose a name together. With our second and third, we did not know what we were having and pretty much named our girls after they were born. With our last, we again knew it was a boy, but selecting a name took us until after our little one was born. We did not use all Irish names, but we did choose names (I found the names, and suggested them to my husband, and we agreed on them) but we truly love each one.

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    we are having a lot of trouble deciding on a name for our 9th child. we have 2 girls & 6 boys already. we have a few girls names picked but its not easy finding our 7th favourite boys We are a very sporty family & early on we decided as a bit of a lark, to give our kids middle names from our favourite footy players surnames. boys would be after hubby's favourite team & girls after mine. our kids names are:
    Mitchell Elias, Nathan Pearce, Jasmine Sterling, Ella McKenzie, Bailey Brasher, Eden Jack, Sean Sironen & Jamie Roach. the new babys middle name will be Kenny for a girl & Maquire for a boy. we just need to decide on first

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    These days,deciding on a unique name is a very big challenge for new parents. Selecting a name from the desired origin,region,meaningful,easy to to pronounce etc, all will be considered.
    Many online resources available to make this process easier to the parents. They can choose from their origin, with a proper meaning and selected first letter & last letter etc. One of my favorite online resource to choose the name is

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