Hi all,

I have a young cousin, 14 years old, and she recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Mum and babe are doing fine, but about two weeks ago, this teen mother lost her own mother to a sudden heart attack. There were small signs that Taylor (the teen) might be suffering from slight depression after the birth of her child. I've never given birth myself, so I wasn't sure if this was normal. Some people in my family assured me that it was in some cases, and since they have children of their own I listened to them. However with the loss of Taylor's mother, I'm starting to get worried. Taylor's son, Elijah, was born in January, so he's barely two months old. And he's a colicky babe as well. Taylor's mother was doing the majority of the childcare, but now that she is gone most of that is falling on Taylor as her father is really at a loss himself for what to do, and he is grieving the loss of his wife as well. My fear is that Taylor's depression is worsening. It could be simply from the grief over losing her mother, but she has a child that is largely relying on her and I fear for them both because Taylor is in such a fragile emotional state. I know there are several support groups for mothers suffering PPD, but I'm not sure about any specifically geared towards teen mothers that are suffering from this form of depression. I would value any insight you all might have into this situation. I wanted to get some advice before I speak with Taylor's father, so any help you all can provide would be greatly appreciated.