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Thread: When did you (or do you plan on) announcing your pregnancy?

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    When did you (or do you plan on) announcing your pregnancy?

    Hi everyone,

    The first time I became pregnant I read that it is good to wait to announce the pregnancy until 12 weeks gestation (i.e. after you have had the dating scan and when the highest risk of miscarriage has passed). Myself and my husband took this to heart and were planning on announcing our first pregnancy to everyone (including family and close friends) at 12 weeks. However, we sadly went through a miscarriage at around 7 weeks and ended up needing to tell our family and friends what was happening: we wanted to do this and we needed their support.

    After this had happened, we wished we had told our closest friends straight away so that we could have had their support at the very start of the pregnancy. I understand why it may be best to wait until 12 weeks until you tell everyone but after our experience I am of the opinion that it is good to talk (to those we trust and love) about early pregnancy. I also feel that miscarriages are not often talked about enough - although I know only too well how painful it can be to talk about this topic.

    When we became pregnant with our son we told those close to us straight away and were pleased to have their support and understanding. We then officially announced our pregnancy after that dating scan.

    What did you do? Did you change this with later pregnancies?


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    I have only had one viable pregnancy. When I first became pregnant we told our family and friends. My husband and I were so excited. We signed up for classes on early pregancy and it was all such a thrill. Sadly, at a little over 9 weeks and after 3 ultrasounds I had to have a D&C to end the pregnancy because I had what's called a blighted ovum. It was weird because my body thought it was pregnant and did all it was supposed to do to grow and care for a baby but there was no baby to be found. This was a crushing loss and it was hard to go back and tell everyone what had happend but it was so wonderful to have their love and support.

    The second time I became pregnant we only told out parents and that ended as a very early miscarriage. Again, we were glad we had shared it with them because of their support.

    After two years I finally became pregnant with my boys. We only told out parents at first. I had an ultrasound at 6 weeks to ensure that I didn't have an ectopic pregnancy since my numbers were high (since there were two babies) and that's when it was revealed we were expecting twins. We were so delighted and ended up telling not only our parents but other family and friends too. What I didn't realize at the time is that miscarrying one twin before 12 weeks is common and most women don't even know about it because they don't have their ultrasound until later in pregnancy. Igorance is bliss?

    Luckily, all worked out an in the end we were really happy we told everyone! I can't imagine going through the struggles and disappointments without the love and support of our wonderful family and friends.
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    Dear DoubleSunshine,

    Thank you very much for sharing the stories of your pregnancies.

    It sounds like you have lovely, supportive family and friends who helped you and your husband through the sad times and celebrated with you at the wonderful times! I guess this is what I want too.


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    You're welcome and yes, I do have wonderful friends and family. I know that I am very blessed

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