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Thread: What are the risks of a fourth C section delivery?

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    What are the risks of a fourth C section delivery?

    This is my third pregnancy, and will definitely be through C section because both my kids were born through C Section as well. My eldest is 7, and the next is 3 and a half. Both are girls. We don't know the gender of the baby in my tummy yet. My doctor suggested ligation when I give birth because the limit to C section deliveries is 3. Personally, I don't want to undergo ligation because my husband and I want a fourth baby after another 4 years, if ever this one will still be a girl. We definitely want to have a boy in our family. What are the risks of a fourth C section? Is it safe, or too risky?

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    I've heard it is pretty risky due to the risk of placental issues increasing, but I also know of at least one person who has had seven c-sections and is perfectly fine and another who had four, though she did have placenta accreta with the last. Since you have only had two c-sections so far and want to have a large family, is having a VBAC a possibility for you? Many women have had successful VBAC after two children. I have a feeling the risks of a VBA2C is likely far less than the risks associated with a third and especially a fourth c-section.

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    i have had 4 c/sections. each one was done after a lengthy labour. i went on to have a vbac after my last c/section. it is generally accepted that the more c/s you have the higher the risks are for subsequent labour/births. after each of my c/s i was told my uterus looked fine & i could have more children if i wanted. i have heard of women being told their uterus was paper thin & they probably shouldn't have more. i have had no problems after any of my c/s, my placentas have always been well clear of my scar & i have not suffered any bleeding or other problems.

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    Each caesarean birth poses more risks to the mother. The surgery is more difficult and adhesions (where internal tissues can adhere to other tissue or internal organs) can occur. Consider your options carefully. Certainly there is good research evidence supporting a VBAC after 2 caesareans.
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