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    Wanting to try for baby number 2...yet no period back as of yet.


    My daughter is now 10.5 months old I am still breastfeeding however only morning and evening (2 in 24 cycle). I am yet to have my period back, but am wanting to try for baby number 2 so keen for it to return.
    I am quite thin (always am naturally slim) weigh about 58 kilos and am 175cm tall I think..bmi 19 so weight shouldn't be problem. I have just started to take raspberry leaf again which Ive heard can help to increase fertility and work as uterine tonic/regulator.
    Does anyone have any other tips or advice on how to naturally encourage periods or going through similar stage??

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    Hi ellabache,

    For many women who are breastfeeding the average month for their periods to return (counting the first month as when the baby was born) is 15 months. However, this is for women who are 'ecologically breastfeeding' which means: breastfeeding on demand and often baby wearing and co-sleeping. As you are only feeding twice a day your periods are likely to come back quicker than this.

    Are you co-sleeping with your baby? As sleeping close to your baby can cause periods to be delayed longer: I guess it is like nature's way of spacing children.

    In terms of the Raspberry Leaf Tea: I understand that you do sometimes need to be careful about taking this in early pregnancy although some do say that it aids fertility. There is an article about Raspberry Leaf Tea here.

    A study by McNeilly et al in 1983 showed that most women can become fertile whilst still breastfeeding. However, if your baby feeds throughout the night this can delay the onset of periods.

    You might find this article interesting on the subject by the La Leche League. I know it's hard when you want to have your next child but your periods are likely return soon.

    Has anyone else got any comments to help ellabache?

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    I think the above post covers everything pretty well. There are women who do become pregnant before ever having a period. Although, some women never have their periods return until after they have weaned. I would imagine that your period will most likely return within the next few months, especially since your little one only feeds twice per day. I would also use caution with the Red Raspberry Leaf Tea, in the event that you do become pregnant. This is a pretty good sheet of information about getting pregnant whilst breastfeeding. I wish you the best.

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    Thank you for your replies.
    No I am not co sleeping we never have. I am hoping they will return soon I had a blood test and all seems fine so fingers crossed all will retune to normal soon.

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