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Thread: To conceive twins

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    To conceive twins

    Hello! If it runs to my family, conceiving twins, would it be possible that I will conceive such? How much is the percentage? What are the factors or any tips that I will conceive twins?

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    Hi Luch,

    If twins run in your family then there's a higher chance you will conceive with twins than a woman who does not have a history of twins in the family. I don't know what the percentages are, but there is another thread on this forum that addresses this, and it's called "How To Conceive Twins".

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    Even if you have several sets of twins in your family, you probably don't really have any greater advantage to conceiving twins that anyone else. There is really no specific "twin gene" that I know of but hyperovulation is genetic and if you have that your chances could be pretty good for having multiples. So fraternal twins could run in families on the mother's side due to hyperovulaion.

    Indentical twins would not run in families because that occurs when one fertilized egg splits and isn't connected with hyperovulation. However, there has not been any conclusive evidence.

    There are other factors that can enhance your chances of conceiving twins:

    * Age - the older a woman gets the more eggs she releases at a time.

    * Fertility Meds - Fertility medications or treatment can cause a women to produce more eggs (or in the case of IVF they may implant more tht one fertilized egg hoping one will take)

    *Have had twins - Once a woman has one set of twins chances are greater that she will conceive more twins. Some say mothers of twins are 4 times more likely to have another set if they become pregnant.

    Something I have never heard of before but found on How to Have Twins is that diet may influence a woman's chances of having twins it says:

    "No one is quite sure why, but the Yoruba tribe in West Africa has the highest rate of twinning in the world. A study concluded that the mother's diet was the cause, being high in cassava, a type of yam or sweet potato. The peelings of this vegetable are thought to contain a chemical that causes hyperovulation. In addition, a 2006 study found that women who consume dairy are five times as likely to have twins."

    Good luck! If you do have twins they are a lot of work in the beginning but such an incredible JOY!!!
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    Hi Luch,

    There is a useful thread here on how to increase your chances of conceiving twins.


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