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Thread: Babywearing and Elimination Communication

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    Babywearing and Elimination Communication

    I've just recently gotten a hold of a book called EC Simplified and the author suggests that one of the best ways to learn bub's rhythm for EC is by wearing him. I'm trying EC out and I was wondering if anyone had ever tried to learn potty signals this way? How did it go for you?

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    Dear wolfysmum,

    Thank you for starting a discussion on this interesting topic.

    Whilst I do not personally have experience of this (as my son is currently too young) a friend of mine lives in China and she was describing how mums there combine baby wearing and potty training. She said it is highly effectively (apart from a few little accidents!) and babies learn much quicker than non-babyworn babies to indicate to their parents when they need the toilet. One reason is that the baby is so close to the mum so it is easier for them to pick up on the signals the baby is giving quicker. Fascinating stuff!

    I too would be interested to hear others' experiences of this.

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    Just about all the moms I know who practice EC combine it with baby wearing. They have great success, usually fully toilet trained by shortly after one. I would love to hear more about it but I personally have never tried EC.

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    I have come across this interesting article on EC that I thought I would share here.

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    I think cotton will be the best for them...

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