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    Welcome to the Twins Community!

    If you are expecting twins, or are a new parent of twins, one of the first things you'll be aware of is how many other wonderful twin parents are out there. People find twins and other multiples facinating -- and they are -- but you get stopped a lot and asked all kinds of questions from perfect strangers quite often. Some are vaild, some are silly and some are just down right personal -- like "Did you use fertility treatments?"..."Uh, Hi! I'm Christie nice to meet you, now what what your question?"

    There are also special challenges and tons of joy associated with raising twins -- and being a twin. That is why it is absolutely fantastic to get in touch with other families with multiples. When I venture out with my new babies it was nice to be approached by other parents of twins who shared tid bits of knowledge and lots of support and encouragement.

    There are some great resources for parents of twins online. One such resrource is the Australian Twin Registry they share information, host events have a newsletter and share resources.

    If you'll be in the Melbourne area on March 18th, the Twins Plus Festival will be going on. There is lots of fun to be had! There's a petting zoo, shopping, advice, food music and more! There is also FREE Zygosity testing for those who want to find out if their twins are identical or fraternal. This festival only happens every three years.

    Do you have any experiences to share about being part of the Twins Community? What resources have helped you the most?
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    I would love to take my twin girls to a Twins Festival, I truly believe they would be so amazed at how many other twins that are around the world, One day I will have to take them to a Twins Festival.

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    Wow this sounds so interesting - I've actually never heard of a twins festival before. LJ

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