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    Recommended osteopaths

    I invite you to use this thread to talk about your positive experiences in receiving osteopathic care either while you were pregnant or as treatment for your baby. Please note this part of the forum is moderated. So all posts have to be approved.
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    Kylie Strain

    Kylie Strain of Epping Osteopaths - My family and I have been going there on and off for quite a while. I love Kylies gentle style, it really suits my needs.


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    Thumbs up Roger Kingston

    I used Roger Kingston in Buderim, Sunshine Coast when I was pregnant with my daughter, now 9 months, as she was posterior and her head was jammed into the right side of my pelvis and I was getting lots of pain down my right side and all through my pelvis because of it. Roger did the most gentle adjusting I have ever felt and as soon as I got up from the table I could feel her starting to move around.I had a couple more treatments to make sure it was all going well, but from the first treatment I didn't have anymore pain at all, and she was over 9lb!
    He's just fantastic, can't recommend him highly enough.

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