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Thread: Fever and Vaccination

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    Fever and Vaccination


    My 8-month old son had a very slight fever when it was his schedule for vaccination. He was sent home for medications and the paediatrician told me to just come back after a week for his vaccine. Why wasn't he allowed to be vaccinated with slight fever? I'm concerned because the doctor's schedule in the clinic where we used to bring our child to is just once a week. What vaccines must have been completed at 8 months?

    Thank you. Your response would be of really great help.

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    Hi Mom2Rajan,

    A lot of doctors think it is best to delay a baby's vaccines if they have a high fever or they have flu like symptoms. A delay of a week is not really significant and your baby should then be well when they have the vaccine administered.

    I hope this helps.

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    Hello Mom2Rajan,

    Your doctor was wise in asking you to wait until your child was healthy (no fever) before being vaccinated. Vaccines compromise a child's immune system, so if your child has a cold, or fever when the vaccine is given, it could set him up for having a more severe reaction to the vaccine.

    Think of it this way. The doctor is introducing a disease into your child (the vaccine) and your child's immune system then has to fight off that disease in order to build up resistance to it so that hopefully, if the child is exposed to the disease later, he will have an immunity to it because he build up antibodies to it when he was vaccinated.

    Not all vaccinations are effective, and many people who were vaccinated for a disease do not have immunity to it. There are a number of threads in this forum that discuss vaccines. Just do a search for the word "vaccine" and you'll see them.

    Warm regards,


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