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    Question Baby Snores

    Hi everyone!

    I would like to know if snoring is normal for an infant? I have a friend who has a 1-month old baby. She once asked me if my 4-month old baby snores during sleep because her baby snores a lot whenever she sleeps. I know that for adults and children, snoring is a symptom of airway obstruction due to some causes such as obesity, since the body has difficulty taking in air. But for babies, I am not so sure about it. Is that alarming? I just told my friend that it is still best to consult her paediatrician about it and do some research regarding this matter.

    By the way, my baby doesn't snore at all.

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    If her baby has congestion (stuffy nose) that may cause him to snore. One of my babies had a stuffy nose from the first week he was born. I later found out he was reacting to the cow milk lectins in my breast milk. Amazingly he was so sensitive that even after digesting the milk myself, he reacted to what he was getting through the breast milk. When I stopped cow milk products (milk, cheese, ice cream, etc.) he cleared up completely - no more stuffy nose. I could eat goat milk products and it wouldn't affect him, but I couldn't eat cow milk products.

    Let me know if you find out more about your friend - if her baby has a stuffy nose or not.

    Warm regards,


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    I don't recall eith or my boys actually snoing when they were babies but I do know that it seemed like for that first month they were kind of congested and stuffed up. Not from a cold or anything, more like the fluids from being in the womb were still draining, which could of caused snoring but as I mentioned I don't recall it happening -- however those first three months of their life were pretty hectic so there is a lot I can't recall

    As Kate said, if her baby has a stuffed up nose (or even an allergy) this could cause it to happen as well. It may be worth a quick call or vist to the paeditrician's office just to put her mind at ease.

    Let us know what happens...

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    Just as the other ladies have stated, babies do snore when congested and many are congested right after birth. She should try suctioning his nose with an aspirator to see if that helps.

    A trip to the paeditrician certainly would not hurt. That way this mum could rule out any other unlikely complications or allergies that may be at play.


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    Thanks for your insights ladies!

    Well, I followed up my friend regarding her baby's issue. After visiting her paediatrician, it seems that her baby had a congestion. Due to weather changes, she acquired colds which caused her snores. My friend was advised to suction her nostrils once in a while to remove the secretions.

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