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    Deep penetration, deep release

    So I asked my OB how make a baby boy, she said to do deep penetration and deep release. I am now 6 mos pregnant to my baby boy! I am so happy. Science or God, we are so delighted. To someone who wants to have a boy or a won't hurt asking your OB for advice. This sure worked for me! I just want to know if anyone experienced the same, following the advise of your OB and then it happening. What other advise were given to you when planning the gender of your baby?
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    Thanks for sharing your experiences on this Katrina1186.

    There's an interesting previous thread on this topic here: How to sway the odds of conceiving a baby girl. Point number one on this list in the previous thread is like you say above - deeper penetration for a boy.


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    Thank you for taking time in reading my question ljmarsden! I am so delighted, I now have a daughter and a son! Happy parenting to you too!!

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    That's wonderful - enjoy your beautiful family

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