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    Natural Progesterone Cream

    I'm a big fan and a user of natural progesterone cream. Is natural progesterone cream beneficial for women who want to conceive in their mid forties?


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    Hi Carla,

    Natural Progesterone Cream can be very helpful for women who are trying to conceive, women who want to avoid miscarriage, and women who are peri-menopausal/menopausal.

    As we age, progesterone production drops, and being that you're in your 40's and you want to have a child, it will be very important to be sure your progesterone levels stay up after ovulation. Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners will often prescribe herbs to support progesterone production, in which case you wouldn't take the herbs and the progesterone cream - you would take one or the other. But I know women who have found natural progesterone cream to be very helpful.

    I use NatPro Natural Progesterone Cream because I've found it to have the highest concentration of natural progesterone that can be purchased in a non-prescription form.

    Important information: A study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (June 1999, pages 15041511) states that "In order to obtain the proper (effective) serum levels with use of a progesterone cream, the cream needs to have an adequate amount of progesterone in it [at least 30 milligrams per gram]. Many over the counter creams have little [for example, 5 milligrams per ounce] or none at all. The creams that are made from Mexican yams are not metabolized to progesterone by women." (From the NatPro website)
    If you're going to use Natural Progesterone Cream while trying to conceive you'll want to be sure you're using it properly. If used during the first part of your cycle, it can actually suppress ovulation (keep you from ovulating, in much the same way like the birth control pill does). Using it starting the day after you ovulate will help support your pregnancy, when progesterone levels normally rise, and help you avoid miscarriage if you do conceive.

    Please post back any questions you may have about using Natural Progesterone Cream to help with hormonal balance.

    Warm regards,


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    Hi Kate,

    I'm interested in using natural progesterone cream for the treatment of PCOS. Can you give me more information as to how I can get it in Australia & who I can see to oversee my treatment? I am in WA.


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    Finding A Natural Practitioner - Natural Progesterone Cream

    Hello Talitha,

    In some countries, you can purchase Natural Progesterone Cream over the counter. But in Australia, you have to hold a prescription in order to purchase Natural Progesterone Cream for personal use.

    I consulted with Australian midwife, Jane Palmer, and she suggested that you see your general practitioner for a prescription, and then take that prescription with you to the Pharmacy.

    Alternatively (and my preferred option), you could search for a holistic doctor on Natural Therapy Pages or do a google search for a doctor who specializes in integrative medicine.

    What one midwife is allowed to do in one country or State as compared to another is often quite different. For example, I had a midwife in California and she had Natural Progesterone Cream that she often gave/sold to her patients. Natural Progesterone Cream does not require a prescription in the USA and I have known many women who have used it with great results.

    On the other hand, midwives in Australia are very limited in what they are allowed to prescribe - hence the need to find a holistic practitioner who will prescribe it for you.

    PCOS can also be managed by an Acupuncturist who specializes in fertility and knows how to use Chinese herbs effectively. Acupuncture and herbs work to balance hormones as well.

    If you can't find one online, you can ask at your local health food stores and Chiropractic offices to see if they know of anyone, locally, whom you could talk to.

    I hope this gives you some help in finding the best practitioner to help you manage PCOS.

    Warm Regards,


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    Would natural progesterone cream help with vaginal dryness due to breastfeeding?


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    Natural hormones in a cream base can be used intravaginally and have been very successful in treating vaginal dryness.

    Dr. John Lee recommends using natural progesterone cream to correct vaginal dryness. If this doesn't work, he suggests using intravaginal estriol cream available as a prescription from your doctor. This is safe and natural.

    Over time, Natural Progesterone Cream helps to increase your vaginal mucus. Since this can take a while, topical lubricants like Yes® can be used at the same time to provide organic, natural and hormone-free lubrication. Progesterone can also help increase low libido.

    Many herbs and nutrients can help improve vaginal moisture and lubrication by increasing blood flow to the vaginal walls. Essential fatty acids like evening primrose oil or flax/borage oil can help. Other useful herbs are chaste tree berry, St. John's wort, calendula, motherswort, licorice root, black cohosh, dong quai, damiana, sarsaparilla, burdock root, peony root, oatstraw and raspberry leaf.

    Check with your midwife or natural health practitioner if you're going to use herbs, as some herbs are not safe to use during early pregnancy, if you conceive. I'm also not sure what is safe to use during breastfeeding. You definitely don't want to be giving your child extra hormones through your milk, unless a health practitioner says it is okay.

    Warm Regards,


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