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Thread: Nutritional Assistance for Late Pregnancies

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    Nutritional Assistance for Late Pregnancies

    Hello Everyone. I'd just like to know --- do women in their 30's & 40's need additional supplements and nutritional assistance to maintain a healthy pregnancy? If so, what are these?


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    Hi Carla - I would suggest seeing someone who specialises in preconception care such as a midwife or naturopath. They can look at your individual circumstances and make recommendations specific for you. I personally always look at a woman's nutrition and make recommendations where possible to improve her nutrition. I use practitioner brands of vitamins as these typically are of a higher quality than those brought over the counter and they are a similar price. You do need a health professional to prescribe these for you though (this does depend on where you live). Two supplements I commonly recommend are a good quality pregnancy multivitamin (this contains the right amount of folate which ideally should be taken at least 30 days before trying to conceive) and an omega 3 supplement.
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