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Thread: Natural Methods of Handling Heartburn

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    Natural Methods of Handling Heartburn

    Ok, I am going to be honest. I did not have a lot of heartburn during my pregnancies. I have it all the time when I am not pregnant, so I really cannot explain why this is the case. I have a feeling my diet is better when I am pregnant and the lack of indigestion just accompanies that.

    Anyway, though I have no personal experience with heartburn during pregnancy, it is something that I get asked for advice on a LOT as a doula. So, what methods of relieving heartburn worked for you during your pregnancy? I'd love to hear some personal experiences on natural remedies that worked wonders!


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    Hi Angela,

    Yes this does seem to be a common complaint during pregnancy.

    Several food types can set off heartburn such as:

    - citrus fruits
    - raw onion
    - garlic
    - carbonated drinks
    - vinegar

    So you could keep these to a minimum. It's also good not to eat too soon before going to bed.

    Aloe Vera juice can naturally help with heartburn. In pregnancy I understand this should be kept to no more than 2 tbs a day so it does not have a laxative effect.

    Are there any other natural remedies for heartburn out there?

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    I'm with LJ. The best nautrual method for preventing heartburn is avoiding the foods that can cause it. Also not eating right before bed can prevent night time heart.

    Even then sometimes people can still get it. I have never heard of drinking Aloe Vera juice -- I use it to put on burn and cuts so that is very interesting new information to me My favorite thing to use when I have heartburn (which is very rare) is to drink a small glass of milk. Calcium has been shown to help alleviate heartburn however, the fats and stuff in it aren't great so it isn't ideal. Skim milk is best.

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    Thank you ladies! Anyone else have any suggestions? I am adding these to my list of helpful suggestions now. I have heard of the Aloe Vera juice but did not know it was good for heartburn. I've used it before to maintain GI regularity so I could see it being contraindicated in large doses for pregnant ladies.

    Thank Again!

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    hi mom2many,i had alot of heartburn with my last pregnancy i found boiled milk helps so much,my mum told me bout it and it really does work,i hope it works for you and you found this helpful.

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