Dear all,

I wanted to post about what I have experienced this weekend. I think this friendly and supportive forum is a great place for me to do this and I also want to share what I have been through in the hope that it will be of some use to other mums. So here goes.....

Two weeks ago I found out out that I was pregnant again. Myself and my husband were so delighted as we have been trying for another baby for some months now. This Saturday (when I was almost 7 weeks pregnant) I felt something wet in my knickers. I checked and to my absolute horror I was bleeding bright red blood. I was immediately very distressed as I have had a miscarriage before and I feared the worse. I felt desperate, so sad and angry that this was happening to me again.

Shortly after this I started getting stomach cramps. Some were quite bad and they felt just like with my previous miscarriage. I felt devastated. I phoned the doctor and he wanted me to be seen as an emergency patient. When I got to the hospital I started feeling very ill indeed and collapsed on the floor, dizzy and feeling sick. The doctor who saw me said she was worried I was having an ectopic pregnancy. She admitted me overnight. This was so difficult as I normally breastfeed my little boy to sleep (he's almost 15 months old) but he had to go home with my husband without me.

Overnight I continued to feel dizzy with a high temperature and I felt sad and lonely. Early yesterday morning my husband was allowed to come back in and we went for an early pregnancy scan. We feared the worse.

I still can't quite believe the result. I am delighted and so pleased to say that the sonographer found a baby with a heartbeat. The best news. Ever! What's more the bleeding and pain stopped and the consultant has told me that she's not expecting me to have any more problems with this pregnancy. Actually, after the weekend I've had I still can't believe the ending!

So, it's still early days but things are looking well. I have been told I need to take things easy. I would appreciate your thoughts and prayers that the rest of my pregnancy goes smoothly. I know further bleeding is possible but I really hope I don't get any more as it was a horrible experience.

Best wishes,