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    What items did you buy for breastfeeding?

    What types of breastfeeding products have you purchased? Did you find them useful or not necessary?

    I know that some people recommend having several products before breastfeeding, but really, all you need is you and your baby. Although, I did find that having certain items were very helpful. I think a feeding pillow is helpful. For me, it didn't have to be an actual feeding pillow (I do own one). I did need a supportive pillow whilst breastfeeding, to help keep my baby supported when I was trying to get my baby latched on, especially during the early weeks. I have never really found a need for breastfeeding shirts, but I did find having a few breastfeeding bras and breast pads to be helpful. I also did use a breast pump, but I didn't need it with each of my children. It was nice to have when I needed to produce more milk and also when I just wanted to express a bit of milk to have in case I needed to go out.

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    This is interested - as I remember when I was pregnant some people advised I got lots of 'essential' items and other people advocated just the minimum.

    I did find a proper breastfeeding pillow useful, especially during the first 8 weeks as it helped my baby reach the right position to obtain a good latch. I also found putting a phone-book (or foot-stall - if you have one!) under my feet useful to help sit comfortably during feeding.

    Lansinoh breast cream was also essential to help my sore nipples (this is the type that can be 'eaten' by the baby).

    Breastpads were also necessary due to the large amount of milk I seemed to leak - though next time round I am planning on purchasing Lilypadz after hearing the positive experiences of other mums on this forum with these.

    I found a manual breast pump useful for when my nipples were sore and cracked. Next time around I would seek earlier professional help from a Lactation Consultant before getting to this point.

    Like you, I didn't find breastfeeding tops essential but they could be helpful.

    I have to say, that I purchased most of these items after my baby was born - I really was not prepared for what breastfeeding entails. I hope other new mums feel better equipped through resources like this forum.

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    Though I purchased many products that I was told were "essential" for breastfeeding, I would not say any of them were truly a must-have in my case.

    I only needed breast pads with one of my children, as I did not leak with the others. I also never needed Lansinoh cream. If you want to have them around so you do not have to head out to the store immediately following the birth, then go for it. However, you are probably going to be inundated with samples of these two products from your midwife or physician's office and there is a chance that you will not need them at all.

    A breastfeeding pillow can be helpful in the first month, especially if you end up delivering by cesarean section. I rarely used my pillow beyond that however and if money is tight I would not say that these pillows are an absolute must have. Most moms can use the blankets and regular pillows they already have to prop baby up as needed.

    Though I would not necessarily say that breastfeeding tops are essential, I would invest in a few tank tops to wear under shirts. They work almost as effectively as breastfeeding tops without the price. Wear a t-shirt or blouse over the tank and when you get ready to nurse simply pull your shirt up and the top of the tank down. You then have discreet, efficient breastfeeding without all the snaps.

    I did not use a breast pump often, but it is definitely an essential for some families. If you are going to be working out of the home, then the pump is definitely essential. For moms who work full time, I would suggest investing a in a high quality electric pump. If you are only going to be away on occasion, a nice manual pump will probably be good enough.

    Honestly, in my opinion, the only thing you REALLY need to breastfeed successfully is a baby, boobs, and plenty of stuff to eat and drink. The other stuff is fun to have, but a lot of it you will find is rather unnecessary.


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