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Thread: Breastfeeding supply issues

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    Breastfeeding supply issues

    I have attempted to breastfeed my bub for the past 3 months. I was producing more than enough milk and was able to freeze some. However, nearly overnight my supply dropped for no reason and I could no longer keep up with her needs - not even close! I've tried oatmeal, supplements, and pumping in between feedings with no luck. Does anyone have any advice on how to help this?

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    Here's a great thread that shares information on how to increase breast milk supply.

    Let me know if you need more resources/ideas.



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    Boosting your supply takes a little effort but is usually quite successful. You've mentioned you've taken supplements - so that is a great start. Increasing the frequency that you offer the breast to the baby will also help. The more the baby breastfeeds the more milk you will produce. I generally recommend expressing following a breastfeed during the day to help boost supply (just as a short term measure). There are a couple of expressing videos on my website that are really helpful in learning how to express very efficiently. Having a good quality breast pump and using a double pump kit is the most efficient way to boost supply. There is a medication called Domperidone that can be prescribed by a doctor or midwife that can help boost your breastmilk supply. There is a great article on Breastfeeding online about this medication. Let us know how you go.
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    Milk is produced on a supply and demand basis, so it is essential to breastfeed or express as much as possible. Supplements are also helpful. I have found that at least six capsules a day of Fenugreek and two to three capsules of Blessed Thistle a day are recommended for increasing milk production. I also recommend breastfeeding on demand and offering it often, as well. I agree that a quality breast pump is essential. An electric pump is usually more effective, but some women are able to do well with either type of pump. Make sure the flanges (breast shields) on the pump are the correct size, so you can express milk effectively. Please let us know how things are going and if you have any other questions.

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