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Thread: What are the dangerous foods for my baby

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    What are the dangerous foods for my baby


    I am 15 weeks pregnant, I had miscarriage on my first pregnancy. Just had a check up with my OB and the baby is fine. Due to trauma that I had when I lost my first baby, I'm quite paranoid specifically on the food that I eat. I just want to know what are the dangerous food for my baby? Thanks!

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    Hi bhebs23 - Welcome to the forum. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I can understand you wanting to do the right thing if you've experienced a miscarriage. In this forum we have a whole section that covers what to eat in pregnancy. So hopefully you'll find some useful information there. Also I would recommend you read the article I've written Listeria and Pregnancy. This outlines foods to avoid in pregnancy and the reason why.
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    I can certainly understand being very cautious and I commend you on finding out everything you can about keeping you baby healthy! Eating a balanced diet rich in fruits, whole grain, protein, Calcium, etc. are fantastic!

    Please know that sometimes miscarriages just occur and more often than not, nothing that you did or didn't do caused it to happen. I know this is not comforting to hear because I have also suffered miscarriages -- but it is true and something that is very important to remember. However, taking good care of yourself by avoiding stress, eating right and getting enough rest can be a real benefit for you and your little one!!!

    I wish you a very happy and healthy pregnancy!!!!


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    Congratulations on your pregnancy, it sounds like things are going quite well. As Christie said, it is important to keep stress low and understand that miscarriages are common and typically no one's fault. I had a miscarriage the first time I got pregnant as well and it was devastating. I have gone on to have four beautiful little ones since that time however.

    The information provided by Aussiemidwife pretty much covers everything I could think of to suggest as far as foods to avoid. I wish you the best and I am looking forward to seeing more posts from you as the pregnancy progresses.

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