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    How do you cope with child loss?

    We lost our baby 26 days after birth last May. Now, it may seem that we have moved on. But I still have sleepless nights. My husband is annoyed when I cry myself to sleep, but I can't help it. He tend to go out more often with his friends. I don't argue, I think that's the way he wants to cope.

    I am getting worried with our marriage. I want to help both of us cope with this loss. We were supposed to be first time parents. We have so many plans with this baby. Everything changed now. I know we both love each other, but the feeling of loss is just too much.

    Would another child heal us? We did talked about it. But I'm anxious to get pregnant again so soon.

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    I'm so sorry to hear about your loss mama. Know that you are always a mother and woman and lover. Your infant is now a free spirit and is always close to you in spirit. Do you ever see butterflies or see lights flickering? If so, that is your baby showing you signs.
    Don't stop believing in you and in the journey of motherhood.
    I have a dear friend who had a similar loss and she a journal and on social media outlets.
    Maybe considering starting a journal or a blog and writing out your thoughts and feelings and desires.
    A woman to woman support group may be a great outlet for you as well.
    Sending you much light and love.


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