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Thread: Blighted Ovums

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    You're welcome! Have a relaxing rest of your pregnancy bonding with your bubba,


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    What are the causes of blighted ovum? Does it have to do with my and my husband genes? or Is it because of my eggs?

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    Blighted ovums can be caused by chromosomal abnormalities that come from sperm or egg. A blighted ovum is a very early miscarriage where conception occurs and the fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterus, but it does not grow into an embryo.

    A very early miscarriage can be caused by either chromosomal abnormalities in the embryo, or by hormonal balance in mum.

    One of the best things you can do to help reduce your chances of having another blighted ovum or miscarriage is to be sure that you take a few months to prepare your body for pregnancy. Good preconception care can make a big difference.

    Warm Regards,


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    Thank you Kate. This is so informative.

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    You're welcome. Glad you found the information helpful.

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    Hi Everyone

    Sorry that I have been so wayward with the writing, but every time I turned on the computer to do so I either got distracted or was tired sitting.

    Well so far everything has been going great. I am at 39 weeks 4 days now, baby is due on Thursday. I am waiting in anticipation. First time mom, wow. A bit scared, but I will cross that bridge when I get there. Just waiting for the next state, Labour.

    I don't what to expect other than what I have heard and every situation is different. Plus everyone seem to want to give their own personal or heard horror story. I'm trying to ignore them. I have actually went to sleep with my eyes opened because people who believe because they had a child and think that they are experts predicted when I should go into to labour. So I ended up going to sleep wondering if tonight is going to be the night. So far they have been wrong.

    Well I am proud to report that I have had no complications so far and hope it continues that way. I am looking forward to holding, kissing and bringing home my baby girl so that we can start a new chapter in our lives.


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    Hi Tina,

    Thank you for the wonderful update!

    As you start to prepare for labour, you may want to do some things to help your body be as ready as it can be for labour, which can shorten the duration and make it less painful.

    You may also wonder what signs you should be looking for that means labour is close. Your body will tell you!

    And if you hit that 40 week mark and baby still hasn't come, you may decide that you'd like to do what you can to "help" baby make his or her appearance. There are some wonderful, natural things you can do to help your body go into labour if it's ready.

    The Birth, Baby & Mom site has some really good information on all of those things.

    Post back if you have any questions or if you even start to wonder if you're actually in labour. I am monitoring this thread closely and will reply as soon as I see your post.

    Warm Regards,


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    Hi Tina,

    I'm thinking of you too. I like your positive thinking! I am 37 weeks pregnant now and keep being told 'horror birthing stories' by people I meet when I'm out and about. I'm not sure why people feel the need to do this - I certainly don't ask to hear their stories!

    However, as you say every birth is different and keeping calm and relaxed will help your baby to come more easily into the world. I am planning a hypnobirth - you may also find reading out some positive affirmations about birthing useful e.g. 'My baby and my body know how to work together', 'I look forward to my baby's birth with joy'.

    Enjoy the remainder of your pregnancy and I wish you a life-affirming, positive birth of your first beautiful baby.

    Best wishes,


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    Hi Ladies

    I gave birth last Friday, October 12, 2012 at 19:59 to a beautiful bouncing baby girl, Arielle Nicola. Birth was all natural, not by choice. I guess I appeared to be handling the contractions very well, so they didn't bother to ask me if I wanted. I had to get labour induced at 40+1. I got to the first 4cm on my own and the pitocin did the rest of the job for me.

    From 4cm to 7cm wasn't bad. It was the last 3cm that were rough. I breathed through some and shouted through most. While everyone keep telling me to breath and I said to them of course I am breathing and don't tell me to breath. At one time I told a male Doctor I would like to see him push out a baby.

    My care was good, could have been a little better and my Midwife was the nicest. Why did not one tell me about the vaginal examinations. Oh my what an experience. Or how the doctor goes about rupturing your membrane.

    Well the actual giving birth wasn't too bad. Had to get an episiotomy and was introduced to the sitz bath which helped. A week later and baby and I are doing great. Not so sore anymore just experiencing some gas. But all is well with the grace of God. She is such a beautiful blessing to me and my family.

    I hope all is well with you all.

    Love Tina

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    Hi Tina,

    Congratulations on the birth of your precious Arielle. Little ones are wonderful blessings.

    Thanks for sharing your birth story. I had to chuckle when you told a male doctor that you'd like to see him push out a baby. Definitely sounds like you were working hard to get that baby out.

    You're a trouper for managing an induced/pit labour without an epidural. Though all of my 5 labours were natural without pitocin, I can say that pitocin contractions can piggy back, one on top of the other, without giving mum time to rest in between, which can make for an exhausted mum. Well done!

    I didn't even think to mention about the vaginal exams or rupturing of membranes or even episiotomy. I had my membranes ruptured with two of my babies, but it was simple and easy. The midwife just waited until I was between contractions and relaxed. Then she used something that looks like a crochet hook to break the bulging bag. Once the bag is broken, contractions become much more intense. With my last baby, my bag didn't break until I was pushing, which meant that my contractions were much easier to handle up to that point. There are even babies that are born "en caul" which means that the bag doesn't break during delivery and then the midwife or doctor will break the bag after delivery. I believe we would see more of these types of deliveries if membranes were left in tact more often.

    My vaginal checks were only done in between contractions as well. Never during contractions, so they weren't painful at all.

    If you are experiencing gas, it could be food related. Often times wheat can cause gas (i.e. bread, pasta, etc.) or cabbage or any food that you may have a sensitivity to. You may want to try eating lightly steamed vegetables (instead of raw) and high quality animal protein like chicken or beef without the pasta, cookies, biscuits, crackers or bread, to see if that helps. Do you know what your blood type is? People with blood type A or AB have very low levels of stomach acid, so often times taking a digestive enzyme supplement can help relieve gas. Papaya and Pineapple help with digestion due to their enzyme content.

    Sounds like you and baby are doing well now. Please post if you have any questions about breastfeeding, burping baby, calming a crying baby, or anything else and we'll try to give you some helpful suggestions.

    Most of all, sleep when baby sleeps, so that you get plenty of rest. Having a baby that needs to eat every 2-3 hours throughout the night can make for a very tired mum if you don't get naps during the day. The less rest you get, the more susceptible you will be to getting sick and the less energy your body will have for digesting food.

    Congratulations again - would love to see a picture of your little one if you have one to post.

    Warm Regards,


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    Hey Ladies
    How is it going? It has been a long time. Sorry that it has been that way. My daughter is growing beautifully. She was 2 years in October and ready for preschool.

    Thank you so much for the ear, the fingers, kind words, guidance and support. I really needed to hear objective voices during my pregnancy. Thank you again.

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    Hi Tina,

    It's great to see you back in the forums. Thanks for checking in! Two years old already! Wow! Children are so precious. Preschool years are a lot of fun, as they learn their numbers, colors, shapes and sizes.

    Enjoy your time with your daughter. They grow so fast! My first baby is 22 years old now!

    Warm Regards,


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