What types of breastfeeding products have you purchased? Did you find them useful or not necessary?

I know that some people recommend having several products before breastfeeding, but really, all you need is you and your baby. Although, I did find that having certain items were very helpful. I think a feeding pillow is helpful. For me, it didn't have to be an actual feeding pillow (I do own one). I did need a supportive pillow whilst breastfeeding, to help keep my baby supported when I was trying to get my baby latched on, especially during the early weeks. I have never really found a need for breastfeeding shirts, but I did find having a few breastfeeding bras and breast pads to be helpful. I also did use a breast pump, but I didn't need it with each of my children. It was nice to have when I needed to produce more milk and also when I just wanted to express a bit of milk to have in case I needed to go out.