This morning in the Irish Times I read an article that made my heart sink. The main paragrapah says:
Childbirth groups and midwives' organisations have warned the Nurses and Midwives Bill before the Dáil tomorrow will lead to a court challenge unless amended.
When you read on the article it says the Bill contains controversial provisions for home births including one that would make it compulsory for an expectant mother who wishes to have a home birth to go to hospital if her labour lasts longer than 24 hours. The midwife attending could face a fine or a prison sentence if they do not comply.

What? Prison? You've got to be joking. Midwives are qualified and safe health care professionals - not criminals. Women make choices that are outside of guidelines and that is their right. Women have the right to have a midwife attend them if they choose care outside of guidelines.

The full article can be read

What do you think?