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    What are some natural ways to relieve back pain during pregnancy??

    A friend of mine is about 32 weeks pregnant and suffering a lot of back pain! I honestly didn't have much myself, so I'm not sure what I can tell her to do to alleviate the pain. I mentioned using lots of pillows and trying warm and cold compresses but she's already doing this.

    Did anyone use acupuncture or prenatal massage? Was it helpful?

    Any advice is great! Thanks!


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    Chiropractic adjustments can be very helpful in late pregnancy. When the skeletal system is in alignment, then pressure is taken off of the back. She may want to look for a Chiropractor who has experience with adjusting pregnant women. My midwife recommended one that she sends her Mums to. He can even turn babies by doing an adjustment. Maybe she could call around to some midwives in the area and see if they have one they recommend. I found it to be very helpful for me.


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    Yes Kate is right, a chiropractor can help your friend.

    Prenatal massage would be beneficial for your friend also but it should be done only by a massage therapist certified in prenatal massage. It is believed that it reduces anxiety, relieves muscle and joint pains especially for your friend who is in her third trimester already. Baby inside is getting heavier.

    As for acupuncture, I have read that it is safe to be done during pregnancy. It indeed helps relieve back pain during pregnancy, according to some pregnant women who've tried this.

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    Thanks Kate and Katie,

    I'll be sure to let her know. I know she was trying to avoid going to a chiropractor for some reason but maybe if she gets a referral from a midwife, she will feel more comfortable about it. There have to be some that specialize or are at least very familiar with adjusting pregnant women.

    It's got to be better than what the poor dear is dealing with now.

    Thanks again!

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    Hi DoubleSunshine,

    Sorry to hear your friend is suffering with back problems. I found sitting on my birthing ball helped with back pain in my third trimester (as it makes you sit with a good posture) but my back pain may not have been as bad as your friend's is.

    Just a thought though.

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