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    Question Nutritional Value of Chayote and Singkamas


    We all know that during the first trimester of pregnancy, food cravings are present. My sister is now on her 3rd month of pregnancy and she loves to eat chayote and singkamas (also known as jicama/turnip)! Chayote is cooked while singkamas is eaten raw. Aside from the juiciness of these vegetables when eaten raw (singkamas), what are the nutritional content of these vegetables?

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    I love Jicama and my children have grown up on it. When I get a good jicama, it is sweet and full of water (in a similar way that lettuce is full of water).

    Here's a page I found that tells about the nutrients in Jicama.

    Congratulations to your sister and feel free to share this forum with her if she has any questions as she goes through her pregnancy.

    Warm regards,


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    Thanks Kate!

    I have read the page and I find it very informative. Indeed my sister sometimes check the forum posts that seems to be interesting for her. And she enjoys reading it. Whenever she has questions regarding her pregnancy, she asks me to post it here so as she can have new knowledge when it comes to pregnancy. By the way, this is her first pregnancy!

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    Congratulations to your sister on her first pregnancy! Please let us know when baby arrives!


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