Hi, I'm new to this site. I googled 'pregnancy support' in the search for someone to talk to to get me through the down days. I'm 38 weeks pregnant today and through my pregnancy have experienced ups and downs in my feelings about it all. Today is one of the down days, where nothing has happened that wasn't there yesterday but for some reason yesterday i felt fine, confident to give birth and become a mother, happy in my relationship with my partner and generally quite excited. Today nothing has changed other than the thoughts in my head which have leaned towards torturing myself by thinking about the immobility of my body right now, my inability to make love with my partner due to the thrush that has cursed my third trimester and how it makes me feel distant from him especially because this thrush started just days after he slept with another woman which he has since appologised for profusely, and it feels, become frustrated with me for not being able to get over it.
All these things i need to tell someone but whenever the opportunity arises the words get stuck in my throat and i end up crying and not being able to tell what's wrong or get it off my chest. So i thought i would tell a computer screen and see if there's anyone else out there that maybe wants to reply or tell their computer screen some problems to which we may be able to relate and support each other in this strange technological world.