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Thread: Diaper rash

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    Diaper rash

    Does anyone know of a safe diaper rash ointment that works well for sensitive skin? Preferably non-toxic, thank you.

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    Zinc Oxide is non-toxic and protects the skin well from nappy rashes. Any ointment with zinc oxide in it will be white in color.

    One of my favorite nappy rash creams is the Weleda Calendula Nappy Change Cream. My midwife gave me a care package after my baby was born, and she included a calendula ointment. It worked really well!

    If you need more ideas on how to clear up a diaper rash, please take a look at this nappy rash post.

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    I use virgin coconut oil. Works miracles. Even on insect bites. Research about it and you'll see it has anti-bacterial properties.

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    That's interesting thanks hyojoo.

    Coconut oil is also great for rubbing into your bump after a warm shower in pregnancy. You can also use it for perineum massage.

    Expressed breastmilk is fabulous for nappy rash because it has innate healing properties.


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    Last time i use Desitin diaper rash cream for my first baby. It's good!

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