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    How many times per day?

    I was just curious how many times per day you breastfeed your baby? How old is your baby?

    I have never really kept track of how many times per day my babies have breastfed. With my first, I did keep a journal and note when he fed and for how long. I soon learned that it was better to watch for other cues he was getting enough breast milk (diapers, weight gain, breasts feeling less full). I started to just follow my instincts and let my baby breastfeed on demand. I really have no idea how many times per day my each of my children breastfed when they were young. Now, my youngest child is a year old and still breastfeeding. I have noticed that some days he only wants to breastfeed two or three times per day. Some days, such as when he is teething or just needs some extra comfort, he may breastfeed up to five times per day, for longer periods of time. I really notice lately because he seems to not ask to breastfeed as often, so I usually try to offer it throughout the day to keep my supply up for days when he wants to breastfeed more.

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    Jessica -

    Sounds like you're doing exactly what you should be doing. Offer throughout the day and if he's not interested it's okay - if he is, he will eat... and if he gets sick you'll notice he will most likely just want to breastfeed and won't be as interested in food... and that will stimulate more milk supply so that he has more nourishing liquids for the duration of his illness. Usually milk supply will increase according to more nipple stimulation/breast feeding within 24 hours.

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    Hi Jessica,

    This is interested as I too have noticed that my baby (he is 14 months) seems to be taking less breast milk in the day time. He was having around 5 feeds in the daytime but in the last week this seems to have become 3-4 feeds.

    We are co-sleeping and we feed in the night but I never know how often this occurs! Does your little one feed in the night?


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    It sounds like you are doing everything right to me. I have never really kept up either. As of right now my current experience is similar to what LJ described. My daughter is 13 months old now and I would estimate that she nurses about six or seven times in a 24 hour period, though a lot of her nursing occurs at night and I kind of drift in and out- as we cosleep.


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    Hi all,

    I believe you should breastfeed the baby every time he wants to or per demand. As the baby grows he would breastfeed less since of course he has other sources of food aside from breast milk. It is best to continue breastfeeding so as not to decrease or lose your supply. And yes it is true that a child may want to breastfeed more often if he's sick or esp when he's teething because it comforts and soothes him. As your baby grows, normally he breastfeeds less or some may even not at night because his sleeping pattern changes and improves, making him sleep all through the night.

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    Hi, I thinks it depend on situations. In my situation, it is 8/9.

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