I am interested to know how many other mums breastfeed their baby to sleep at night? I have always done this and I think it is wonderful that breastfeeding is a natural and fairly easy way (once it is established) to get a baby to sleep at night. I also like the way the baby feels comforted whilst they are falling asleep.

However, I'm now wondering if I should just carry on with this until my son (currently 15 months old) chooses to stop - ideally when he is old enough to get himself to sleep. The alternative is that I should try to stop feeding him to sleep (or at least fully to sleep) so that he can start to learn to go to sleep himself.

I don't like controlled crying so we wouldn't do this. However, we are starting to stop co-sleeping now so I wonder if I should change anything about the way I breastfeed him to sleep?