Nowadays, everyone I know uses a mobile phone - and for many people this is for a significant proportion of the day. However, sometimes I worry about using it around my toddler (especially as he is so interested in it!) and also the baby growing inside me.

I came across this article which discusses research into using a mobile phone during pregnancy. The research was carried out on a large study group (13,000 mums) but it was in the 1990s before everyone owned a mobile phone. It concludes that mums who used a mobile phone 3 times a day or more were more likely to have a child with behavioural problems. There is no scientific reason known why this would be the case.

Frankly, this surprises me. I wonder if the evidence was gathered just from the mums report (of behavioural problems). I can see why using a mobile phone excessively (to the exclusion of giving your child attention) could cause behavioural problems but not just a few times a day.

What are your opinions on using mobile phone around children and in pregnancy?