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    Using a mobile phone in pregnancy

    Nowadays, everyone I know uses a mobile phone - and for many people this is for a significant proportion of the day. However, sometimes I worry about using it around my toddler (especially as he is so interested in it!) and also the baby growing inside me.

    I came across this article which discusses research into using a mobile phone during pregnancy. The research was carried out on a large study group (13,000 mums) but it was in the 1990s before everyone owned a mobile phone. It concludes that mums who used a mobile phone 3 times a day or more were more likely to have a child with behavioural problems. There is no scientific reason known why this would be the case.

    Frankly, this surprises me. I wonder if the evidence was gathered just from the mums report (of behavioural problems). I can see why using a mobile phone excessively (to the exclusion of giving your child attention) could cause behavioural problems but not just a few times a day.

    What are your opinions on using mobile phone around children and in pregnancy?

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    The article certainly brings up interesting information. I do not use the cell phone much, less than three times a day on average, but as you have stated the majority of my peers are on it all the time. I remember when they first came on the market that there were a lot of concerns regarding brain cancer, etc and then it just seemed to die out.

    I am not sure what I think of this yet, but it is definitely thought provoking. I certainly do not let my children use the cell phone, which, from this study, seems to be the most significant factor in behavioral issues. I would love to see more studies on this, using modern cell phones and technology. Of course, now it would be hard to find many people with children who do not use the cell phone at least three times a day =/

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    Interesting, I'm wondering if the behavioral issues had more to do with the time and attention that was taken away from the children because their mum was on phone or it had to do with the radiation exposure.

    I have read that it is important to keep your phone away from your body as much as possible when you're using it, which can cut down on exposure to radiation as well. With all the smart phones, tablets, iPads and the like it will be interesting to see what they will discover about what all this wonderful technology is doing to us -- if anything.

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    Yeah scientists from the Environmental Working Group publish a review of 10 studies that found cell phone radiation damages sperm...!
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    That is worrying shayanjameel08 - but useful information for those who are trying to conceive.


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