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Thread: Twins - One Room Or Two?

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    Twins - One Room Or Two?

    I have four year old twins that have shared a cot and then a room all their lives. It has always worked well and they have never disturbed each other and seem to really enjoy sharing. But lately I have found my youngest twin hiding in different parts of the house saying that he wants to be alone. Is this his way of telling us that he needs a room of his own now. We don't have the space but could convert our other room if we really needed to. What do you think? Should twins stay together or should they have their own space?

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    My boys are almost 5 and have shared a room their whole lives. I think there are a lot of benefits to them sharing a room but I think if my boys expressed a desire to sleep apart I would go ahead and try it for a time. This may just be a phase of wanting to be his own person and have his own space, so if you can set up the room temporarily to see if this is what he really wants it might be a good idea.

    Let me know what you decide to do and how it works out for you.


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    Hi Debbie,

    You could ask your son (the one who is hiding) if he wants to sleep on the floor, in a sleeping bag and see what his reaction is. If he likes the idea of not sleeping in the same bed as his brother, then let him try it for a night (my guess is that he may end up back in his brother's bed).

    If he likes sleeping by himself, on the floor in a sleeping bag, then you could try him in a separate room (maybe on the living room floor, or another room where he would be by himself). If he does well with that, then it may be worth converting the other room. But I think I'd encourage him to stay in the same room as his brother, if you want this.

    I know families who have many children, and they don't have space for each child to have their own room. But they do have bunk beds so that every child has his own bed, though there may also be times when a family has to put two children in a bed because they simply don't have the room to do it otherwise.

    Hope this helps, and do post back to let us know what you decide to try. You've got us curious :-)

    Warm regards,


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