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    When should I start feeling better?

    After the birth of my daugther I experienced a third degree tear which has been very painful. The hospital told me that the feeling of discomfort 'down there' would go after time. At my six week check I was cleared and told everything was normal but now a year on I still don't think everything feels right and it still feels uncomfortable especially when I am intimate. My doctor has not been very helpful - is there anything I can do for myself without going back to the doctor again?

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    I had a fourth degree tear with my boys and it did seem like it took a long time to feel "normal" again. I would venture to say months actually. Everything was healing perfectly, it's just that I didn't feel quite the same as I did before. Being intimate was uncomfortable for a time but I found that using lubricants and doing pelvic floor exercises helped a lot. Six weeks is still soon so just take things slow.


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    Hi Simply Maternity - are you able to get a second opinion from another doctor? Did you have an anal ultrasound following the birth? It isn't a nice topic - but very necessary following a third degree tear. You could get a referral to an obstetrician/gynaecologist for a proper assessment.
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