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Thread: Baby wearing and elimination control

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    Baby wearing and elimination control

    I am considering using cloth nappies and baby wearing my newborn and recently read something from a mum about a movement which helps infants maintain their natural instinct for elimination-control. She mentioned that she was watching her baby for signs and holding him over the toilet when he needed to go. I will be a stay at home mum and am due next month. Do you think I can do this with a newborn and/or do you have any recommendations or resources that can help point me in the right direction to get started? I've read that elimination control often means infants go without nappies. Is that possible with baby wearing?
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    It's fascinating isn't it. There's a great article here which should give you a good overview to the philosophy of elimination control and how you can get started with this intuned way of parenting: Mothering, Mindfulness and a Babys Bottom. Dr. Buckley refers to babywearing with EC in this article.

    I can't recommend the joys of bonding through babywearing enough.

    Have a look at Diaper Free Baby too.

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    Baby wearing and Elimination Communication simple keys to success when wearing the EC baby.
    Choose a carrier that has good poppability-that is,you can fairly easily work out your own system of quickly popping baby out,Practice at home-Pop baby in and walk around when baby feeling calm,When baby's learning sign's,ALWAYS put them in the carrier After they have just done wee,use a cloth nappy on the baby to protect the carrier.

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    hiii thank u ..ljmarsden... worthy one ...

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