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Thread: What Is The Current Thinking On Tuna In Pregnancy

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    What Is The Current Thinking On Tuna In Pregnancy

    When I was pregnant with my daughter I was told that it was best to avoid eating too much tuna due to the high mercury content, however now my sister in law is pregnant and craving tuna constantly (she even has it rare straight from the grill). She is probably eating it every other day and I'm really concerned. She has been told there are no worries about tuna anymore as long as it is fresh - what is the current thinking on this?

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    There's a good thread here in the forums which addresses this, called Eating Fish In Pregnancy. My thought is that your sister-in-law may be craving something in the Tuna. It could be the salt, protein, B vitamins or something else. Once the deficiency is addressed then she may not crave the tuna as much. All fish has some amount of mercury in it, so she may want to opt for a fish with less mercury if she's going to be eating it every other day. There's a good article on this site which shows you which fish are better to eat during pregnancy.

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    I have heard that a small amount of tuna is OK, but that it should still be restricted. If I am not wrong, it is two servings a week at max. I would definitely direct her to the links that Kate furnished. I also agree that your sister-in-law is likely craving something in the tuna, rather than the tuna itself.


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