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Thread: Still having pregnancy symptoms after miscarriage

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    Still having pregnancy symptoms after miscarriage

    I had a miscarriage on Tuesday at 6 weeks and 2 days along. I passed the embryo as a full thing and could see a lot of the details on it so I know that's what it was. I've had light bleeding since Monday that has never really gotten heavy. Starting yesterday I've had some brown spotting. I've never had very bad cramps through the whole thing except for a little bit on Monday night. Even though I know I'm not pregnant anymore I still have so many symptoms. It makes it harder because I know it's for nothing. I couldn't possibly have gotten pregnant again because the last time I had sex was a little over a week ago when I was still pregnant. Is it normal to still feel pregnant even after it's gone? I had just started getting pregnancy symptoms week by week (morning sickness, sore and swollen breasts, sensitive smell) on Monday and then Tuesday I lost the baby. I didn't even know I was pregnant until Tuesday morning then a couple hours later it came out of me. I'm in the process of getting my hcg levels tested and will know the results on Thursday. Is it normal to still feel pregnant or should these symptoms go away? I'm almost positive they're not all in my head. This pregnancy was unplanned but I'm still devastated by my loss. Is it possible that it could have been twins and there's still one in there? That seems unlikely since the other one came out. What do you think, is this normal?

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    Hi Palsoma76,

    I'm so sorry about your miscarriage. It is common to have pregnancy symptoms for a time (sometimes weeks) after miscarriage. However, I can also say that I've known two women who were pregnant with twins, and lost one twin while carrying and delivering the other full term.

    It's also possible to have some bleeding during pregnancy without losing the baby. It's good that you're getting your hCG levels checked, but the best way to know whether you're still pregnant or not is to have a vaginal ultrasound which would be able to pick up a heartbeat at 6 weeks along.

    Big hugs,


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    Hi Palsoma76,

    I see you are a new member and first want to welcome you to the PBB forums.

    I am very sorry for your miscarriage. A loss is a loss whether it was a planned pregnancy or not and it is understandable that you would feel sad about it.

    I agree with everything Kate said. It is great that you are continuing to get monitored and I would definitely request a vaginal ultrasound if hCG levels aren't going down. I know that after I had my miscarriage (I was 9 weeks) it took a while for my hormone levels to even out again.

    I wish you the best and please do keep us posted!


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